An URGENT MESSAGE To ALL Cooperative Board Presidents, Officers,
Directors and Shareholders:

Your County Legislators are pushing legislation that will be the
END of Cooperative Governance, Stewardship and Fiduciary Responsibility
as you know it.

It will be the END of Cooperative Living as you know it.

The Board of Legislators, while deceptively calling this proposed legislation “Fairness in Cooperative Home Ownership”, seeks to change the fundamental nature of Cooperative Ownership
in two key ways:

1. It LIMITS Co-op Board action on applications to 45 days;

2. It FORCES the Co-op Board to detail the reasons for a rejection of an applicant,
otherwise known as “Mandatory Disclosure”.

We urge you to fill-out the form below completely and hit SEND.
Your comments will then be sent directly to your
Westchester Legislators
We have also provided the email addresses, phone numbers AND postal mailing address for your individual legislator at the bottom of this page.

We also urge you to contact your local municipal leader to express your displeasure at this legislation.
Please click HERE for a list of local Mayors and Supervisors of municipalities in Westchester County with a high concentration of Co-ops. If you don’t see your municipality listed, please contact the Cooperative and Condominium Advisory Council at (914) 273-0730 and we will help you get the right contact info.

Yours in Solidarity,
Diana Virrill, Chairperson, Cooperative & Condominium Council of Westchester (CCAC)
Albert A. Annunziata, Executive Director, CCAC

Click here to see the talking points that may be useful that you may want to include in your correspondence.


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To EMAIL County Legislators, just click on your Legislator’s name to get the email link. Please remember to cc to copy the Co-op and Condo Council on your email.
If you DON’T KNOW who your County Legislator is, that’s OK. Just click onto this link to Westchester County’s Geographic Info Systems Locator and it will tell you which Legislator represents you.

For those who prefer to write letters (preferably angry letters!), please use the following address:

Your Legislator Name
Westchester County Board of Legislators
Michaelian County Office Building, 8th Floor
148 Martine Avenue
White Plains, NY 10601

Name District Phone
John G. Testa 1 (914) 995-2828
Kitley S. Covill 2 (914) 995-2810
Margaret A. Cunzio 3 (914) 995-2847
Michael B. Kaplowitz 4 (914) 995-2848
Benjamin Boykin 5 (914) 995-2827
Nancy E. Barr 6 (914) 995-2834
Catherine F. Parker 7 (914) 995-2802
Alfreda A. Williams 8 (914) 995-2833
Catherine Borgia 9 (914) 995-2812
Damon R. Maher 10 (914) 995-2817
James Maisano 11 (914) 995-2826
MaryJane Shimsky 12 (914) 995-2821
Lyndon Williams 13 (914) 995-2837
David J. Tubiolo 14 (914) 995-2815
Gordon A. Burrows 15 (914) 995-2830
Christopher A. Johnson 16 (914) 995-2829
Virginia Perez 17 (914) 995-2846